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Zong Internet Packages – Daily Weekly & Monthly

Zong Internet Packages

Zong brings full entertainment package for the Zong users by offering them fabulous Zong internet packages. Zong stood at top among all mobile networks in Pakistan because it is well known due to its low prices and excellent services. Zong Internet packages have all the requirements that a user demands to surf unlimited internet without any tension. You have freedom to activate any Zong internet Bundle any time by dialing the respective USSD code.

Zong offers internet packages for single day, for month and for week as well. User can select the bundle according to his need. By subscribing to the Zong internet packages you can do all your tasks on internet and have fun as well. You can update statuses on Facebook, twitter or Whats app. Additionally you can watch movies or make video calls by these Zong internet bundles. High speed, supreme quality and lowest rates are the key features of all Zong internet packages.

Zong Internet Packages

Zong All in One Bundle

All in One Zing bundles offers you access to internet, social media applications and other internet applications as well. You can have details of all Zong Bundles below. Simply subscribe these bundle and have access to the world of entertainment and fun that will rock your world as well.

Zong Daily Bundle

  • Daily Bundle can be activated via *6464#
  • IT offer internet volume of 40 MB
  • It permits you to surf internet for about 1 day
  • You will be charged RS 20 for activation of this bundle

Zong Weekly Bundle

  • Activation code for weekly bundle is *6464#
  • You will be offered 150 MB internet bucket
  • It will remain valid for 07 days
  • Charges of this Weekly bundle are RS 100

Zong Monthly Bundle 01

  • To activate Zong Monthly Bundle dial *6464#
  • You will pay price of RS 250 for subscribing to this bundle
  • 700 MB internet will be given to subscriber to enjoy internet
  • 30 days will be the validity duration of this monthly bundle

Zong Monthly Bundle 02

  • Dial *6464# to subscribe this monthly Bundle
  • Surf 1500 MB free internet after availing this bundle
  • You will get this freedom of using internet for 30 days
  • This monthly bundle costs RS 500 for activation

Zong Monthly Bundle 03

  • *6464# is the subscription code for activating the bundle
  • 2 GB free internet volume is offered to the subscriber
  • Cost of Rs 599 is charged to the subscriber for activation
  • You will get this offer for whole 30 days of month.

Zong Monthly Bundle 04

  • Subscribe to the monthly bundle by USSD code *6464#
  • Enjoy huge internet volume of 4GB to do your tasks
  • Explore the world for whole 30 days by subscribing this bundle
  • To surf this huge bucket of internet you will be charged only RS 799


  • All Zong users can subscribe to any of these Zong internet bundles
  • Zong promises you to provide unlimited speed on all internet bundles
  • To check the used internet volume you can dial *102#/

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