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Quetta Postal Code – Quetta GPO – Balochistan

Quetta Postal Code

Quetta is the ninth largest city of Pakistan. It is famous for its number of fruit orchards and is named as “Fruit Garden of Pakistan.” In Quetta almost one people are residing in different localities.  Quetta is located on very large area and is divided in small areas and colonies. All these areas and colonies are assigned five digit Quetta postal code. These Quetta postal codes help to send email to the relevant person according to his postal address. Here is the list of all Quetta postal code.

Quetta Postal Code

Area Name Postal Code
Ahmadoon 96100
Ahmedwal 95150
Ali Town 87340
Baleli 87100
Barshore 86800
Bostan 86500
Chaman 86000
Dalbandin 95100
Digari 88150
Habibabad 86220
Hazar Gangi 87320
Hurram Zai 86710
Infantory School 87750
Khanozai 86600
Kharan 94100
Killa Abadulllah 86200
Killi Abdul Rehmanzai 86210
Killi Abdur Rehman Zai 86410
Killi Tirkha 87290
Killi Verchoom 86650
Kuchlak 87000
Ladgasht 94150
Manzari 86720
Nasirabad 87720
Nawan Killi 87710
Nokundi 95050
Pishin 86700
Quetta Air Port 87650
Quetta GPO 87300
Samungali 87600
Saranan 86400
Sariab 87900
Sariab Road 87550
Satellite Town Quetta 87500
Sorange 88050
Staff College Quetta 87800
Ziarat 96000

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