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How To Get A Bigger Chest

In fitness & bodybuilding world there are numerous exercises for chest building but a lot of time is needed for trying them all. We’ve done the work for you, and found the top 5 best exercises for building a muscular chest.

These exercises focused on the best mass builders, make sure to support your workout with a suitable diet and supplements for gaining muscles, like protein powder for best result in little time.

Here are some of the best five chest workout exercises.

Barbell Bench Press:

Purposes: Maximum power can be generated with barbell lifts because it allows you to lift maximum weight due to its shape and structure. As compared to heavy dumbbells barbell bench press is easier to lift exercise as well as easy to spot and learn.

Barbell Bench Press

How to perform: Perform barbell bench press at the start of your chest exercise with heavy weight sets and low repetitions. Vary your gripping positions for better chest results.

Barbell Bench Press Low-Incline:

Purpose: Try to avoid benches with steep angles in exercising because they need more energy from deltoid muscles rather than chest muscles to lift the weight.Always go for benches with less-steep angles because exercising on them makes the upper pecs to lift weight more as compared to deltoid muscles.

Barbell Bench Press Low-Incline

By bringing the grip bit closer makes your upper-chest development significantly more.

How to perform: Commonly chest exercises starts with flat-bench workout exercise and then further progress to incline ones, but we didn’t suggest you do that kind stuff and recommend you to start with inclined benches because it’ll make you look fresh and makes your body lift more weight, which leads to faster chest growth because a greater amount of stress is provided on the upper pec fibers by this exercise.

Chest PressSeated Machine:

Purpose: There are some unique benefits of Seated machine press which the other flat bench and incline ones didn’t have. One of the benefits of seated machine press is that it is easier to slow down the repetitions in any kind of concentric and eccentric phases by this exercise and also allows you to really target your pecs portion.

Chest Press-Seated Machine

How to perform: Machines makes your muscles pump faster as compared to other exercises along with less stress on shoulders it is the best for those who are seeking faster muscles and mass growth. Perform machine exercises at the end of your workout.

Dumbbell PressIncline:

Purpose: Dumbbell Press Incline helps in developing the strength and mass of the upper and middle part (pectoral muscles) of the body and front deltoid muscles. You can give a very hard exercise to upper pecs by incline angle which also helps in developing the upper part of the pectoral muscles.

Dumbbell Press Incline

How to perform: Take two dumbbell in each hand atop on thighs while lying back on an incline bench with the palms of the hands facing each other. After that one by one push the dumbbell by the help of thighs and hold them to the shoulder width. Repeat this procedure at regular intervals.

Pec-Deck Machine Exercise:

Purpose: In Pec-Deck Machine Exercise the arms are locked in a bent position which makes it difficult for many trainees to learn. But it is a great exercise for chest muscles and gives a hard friction and stress to pecs portion of the body. Pec-Dec machine exercise is known as very safe and fruitful but in actual, the reality is a bit different this machine can also cause your front side shoulder muscles to be overstretched and stiff your back side shoulder muscles.

How To Get A Bigger Chest

How to perform: Sit in a way on a machine that your back lie flat on the pad hold the handles of the machine with the upper arms positioning parallel to the floor adjust the machine according to your desire. Start pushing the handles together toward middle slowly and gently it will make your chest start squeezing. Return back to starting position slowly from where you start and repeat this exercise according to your set repetitions the recommended sets are of 10-12.

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