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How to Gain Weight

Here are also many people with the problem of being too skinny. In this article, we discuss a simple strategy to gain weight in a healthy way.

How to Gain Weight

What Does “Underweight” Mean?

Having a BMI (body mass index) less than 18.5 is considered as Underweight.

On the other hand, over 25 BMI is considered as overweight and over 30 as obese.

And among girls and women being underweight is about 2-3 times common.

How to Gain Weight the Healthy Way:

It is very important to take a perfect and described diet if you really want to gain weight.

Because, where overdosing on cold drinks and fast foods help you in gain weight, also destroys your health in the meantime.

Being underweight you have to gain a balanced amount of muscle mass and hypodermic fat, not a lot of unhealthy belly fat.

Because there are many normal-weight people who suffered from different diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and other health associated problems often linked with obesity.

Therefore, it is essential to eat healthy and hygienic foods and live a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Let us look at some effective and useful ways of gaining weight fast, without hurting your health at the same time.

Lots of Protein:

Protein is the most important nutrient for gaining healthy weight.

Muscles are mainly made up of proteins, and without proteins, most of the calories we eat end up as a body fat.

Many of the extra calories can be turned into muscles by taking a high protein diet during the period of overfeeding.

However, where the protein is highly filling, it also reduces your hunger ominously. Which makes it harder to get enough calories in the body.

Aim for 0.7 to 1 gram protein per pound of your body weight which is equal to 1.5 to 2.2 grams per Kg if you are trying gain weight.

Highly protein and healthy foods:

It includes

  • Eggs, meats, fish, dairy products, pulses, nuts, beans and etc.


If you struggle to take sufficient protein in your food protein supplements like whey protein can also be advantageous.

The building blocks of your muscles are made up of Protein. Taking adequate protein is required to gain muscular weight rather than just fat. 

Taking Lots of Carbs and Fat, at Least 3 Times a Day:

If the main priority to you is weight gain than you should eat an adequate amount of highly carb and Highly Fat foods.

Eating sufficient fat, protein, and carbs at each meal is the best diet plan for gaining weight.

  • You should eat at least three meals a day in order to gain weight.
  • Add in high-calories and high-energy snacks whenever possible in a day.

Make sure that whatever you eat should have plenty of protein, carbs, and fat.

Take a lot of Energy-Dense Foods and use Sauces, Spices, and Condiments:

Yet again, it is very important to eat mostly whole, single ingredient food but the problem is that Energy-Dense Foods have a tendency to be more filling than processed junk foods which makes it harder to get in enough calories in the body.

To overcome that problem use plenty of condiments, sauces, and spices which helps in easy maximum consumption because the tastier the food is, the easier it is to eat. Eat energy-dense foods as much as possible because of energy-dense foods contain many calories as compared to their weight.

Some energy-dense foods perfect for gaining weight:

  • Dried fruits: Dates, Raisins, prunes, and others.
  • Dairy-products: Whole milk, yogurt, cream etc.
  • Grains: oats and brown rice.
  • Nuts: Almonds, walnuts, peanuts, etc.
  • Dark chocolate: avocados, peanut butter, coconut milk, granola, trail mixes.
  • Potatoes: sweet potatoes, and yams.

Moreover, Chicken, Meat, beef, pork, lamb, etc. are also very high energy dense foods which help in making powerful and healthy muscles.

Moreover, eat whole fruits but avoid foods which require too much chewing and prefer easing and smooth eating fruits like banana.

To make your food eat easier to eat more quantity add sauces and spices in it. Make it possible as much as you can to transfer your whole diet on energy-dense foods.

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