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Global Warming

Global Warming a Myth or Truth?

These days a term global warming is on the lips of many people and the main concern of which is that what is global warming? Here we discuss this term briefly

Global warming:

Global warming a perceived rise in temperature in the atmosphere of earth around the world due to pollution.

Global Warming

Myth or Truth:

It is believed by some people that the term global warming is nothing else more than a myth and didn’t believe that the environment is in danger.

But the truth is that this not just a theory and, Global warming is real which is happening now affecting the environment badly. Temperature of the Earth is rising day by day and, the ozone layer is damaging which protects us from the ridiculous harmful ultraviolet rays for human and other living things coming from sun, The heat produced by the pollution we make became trapped and store beneath the ozone layer which damaged the layer as well caused the increase of temperature on our earth which is sooner or later becomes a terrible risk for human health and animals living.

Effects of Global Warming:

Global Warming is badly affecting the mankind’s life and causes serious problems.

  • There has been an unusual increase in hurricanes, storms, famines, floods and an uncommon weather change across the globe which damage crops, devastated houses and taken many lives among us.
  • Because of the excessive use of fossil fuels, the previous century has seen the temperature of the Earth rises dramatically and the hottest temperature of the earth since records started to be kept in 1880 is in the year 2017.

The excess use of fossil fuels also made a hole in the ozone layer.

Factories Smoke

A meeting conducted by a group of scientist held in London on the issue of earth’s condition and its future backup. The meeting was named as PUP (planet under pressure) that conference concluded that a point will come when the way to recovery for earth from global warming will become impossible and if the gases continue to rise without control than by the year 2100 six degrees Celsius (42.8 degrees F) temperature will rise. Which results in the massive loss of ice sheets and rainforests.

40% of the world’s oxygen is being produced by the tropical rainforests.
Along with the earth’s atmosphere, Human beings and animals both of the creatures are also the direct effects of global warming.
The Former American president Barack Obama said, “All across the world, and in every kind of environment and region known to man, gradually dangerous weather patterns and shocking storms are brusquely ending the long-running discussion over whether climate change is real or not. It is not only real, it’s here and its effects are giving rise to the alarmingly new global phenomenon the man-made natural disaster.

Global Warming Burning Earth

A dramatic change will be observed over the next hundred year unless a serious and meaningful change will be played by all of us to conserve our mother Planet earth.

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