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Effects Of Social Media

Nowadays you are allowed by many social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram etc. to find the desired person and connect with just about anyone you want whether that one is your old classmate or the girl you love 20 years ago or else.You definitely feel good and effective in browsing such big connected community and a causal connection in the environment but the one thing you are going to neglect are the drawbacks which we earn from these global connected large community.

Effects Of Social Media

A Sense of wrong Connection:

Rendering to Steven Strogatz of Cornell University, by focusing so much on these social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and other ones we lose a lot of time as our body energy and the downfall didn’t finished up here these social sites can make it more difficult for us to distinguish between the meaningful relationships covering our family, blood relatives we actually have and the casual adopted ones which we make through these social sites. Moreover, he fears that a time comes where we lose our most important and true relations.

A Sense of wrong Connection

Privacy Risk:

Today many social media sites need our basic personal information like Name, birthday and email address for sign up. Which are definitely be used easily by the Identity thieves which collect their victims required info from their social accounts to access their profile on the social media sites? They use simple information given by the user on their profiles on social sites like Facebook to hack the victims email address and from where and after which the most common technique of Forgot password comes to play the hacker recover your account’s password by accessing your email address because once the email is accessed all the basic info can be accessed.

Privacy Risk

Your current locations are normally accessed by the social media sites to allow you check in your current locations. Which normally reveals the current location to all of the friends on that social site most common example to understand is Facebook. Where the Information you post is for informing your known friends is also accessible for the suspected and criminal ones to track your location. Which can easily be used as required data to give harm you or anything else bad. You should avoid such postings about the travel plans and location-based services.

Cyber Harassment:

In this social world where everyone is connected to through numerous social sites, the closeness which is provided to all of us and our friends from them is also available for the predators and criminals.The weak part at which these parts play their criminal role easily are the kids because kids particularly are defenseless to the practice of cyber-harassment. And deep mental marks were left at the end by the destruction of these cyber-attacks. Although, Victims even commit suicide in several wells revealed cases. The Harassment cases on social media are widely being spread among the young generation which was clearly shown by the report of CBS News report published in 2010 according to which 48% of the youth are claimed to be the victim of cyber-criminals.

Cyber Harassment

Hackers hang around the social media networks looking for their victims. They create short URLs likely to be as created with bit.ly and etc. These shortened URLs are used by them to bring their victims to their harmful sites and to transfer viruses and spams on their PC, mobile phones or another system they use. Moreover, spyware is also used by them they easily install them on your mobiles, laptop, and computers remotely through different spam emails, normal downloads, short URLs or messages. Information about your social media networks passwords and other accounts which you used accessing online is given to the hacker by this spyware.

Social Media Affecting business by Decreasing Productivity:

Nowadays many businesses are using social networking sites to find and communicate with customers and trade with them to earn, but these social sites prove to a great diversion of mind for employees from their basic work task of finding clients to posts and comments of their friends. Some of the well-known business sites and companies express this decrease in productivity in numbers among which two studies are posted by Wired.comwhich published two reports demonstrating the damage to productivity produced by social networking first study report by Nucleus Research reported that 1.5% of office productivity was shaved by the Facebook.comand the second report by Morse claimed the lost 2.2 billion per year to a British company by that social phenomenon.

To overcome these massive damages and prevent them in future a new technology has been launched in the market the purpose of which is to block these social sites but it couldn’t be proved more effective as needed.

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