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Djuice 3G Packages – Daily, 3 & 7 Days, Monthly Bundles

Djuice 3G Packages

Telenor Djuice has launched the fabulous Djuice 3g packages for its users. You can enjoy unlimited internet by subscribing to these exquisite Djuice 3g packages. By getting subscription of these amazing 3g bundles you can not only watch online movies, play games but also can make video calls without any pause to your friends and family. Djuice 3g packages are not only economical but exhibits excellent streaming and fastest speed. You never had enjoyed such amazing internet. Djuice packages are available according to user’s need like monthly, weekly, daily and for three days as well. All these 3g packages are designed by keeping in view the convenience of subscribers. Details of these 3g bundles are mentioned below.

Djuice 3G Packages

Telenor Djuice Daily 3G Bundle

  • Subscribe to 3G Djuice bundle by dialing *345*131#
  • Validity duration is only one day.
  • On activation you will receive 100 MB free 3g internet.
  • RS 17.93 will be deducted from your balance for activation.

Telenor Djuice Daily plus 3G Bundle

  • Dial *345*132# for activation of Daily Plus Bundle
  • You can enjoy free internet for 01 day.
  • 200 MB of Free internet will be given after subscription
  • You will pay RS 29.88 for this bundle

Djuice 3g Unlimited Daily internet Bundle

  • You can obtain daily unlimited internet via dialing *345*139#
  • You can enjoy a lot of internet for whole 01 day.
  • Internet bucket volume of 1 GB will be given to you
  • Charges for this bundle are RS 9.56 including tax.

Telenor Djuice 3g Three Day Bundle

  • Activation method for Djuice three day 3g bundle is dialing *345*133#
  • Validity time is three days from subscription time.
  • 300 MB internet plus 300 MB free for face book will be given on subscription.
  • Price of Djuice three day 3 G bundle is RS 41.83.

Telenor Djuice Weekly 3G Bundle

  • You can subscribe to this bundle by dialing code *345*134#
  • It will remain valid for seven days after subscription.
  • You will get 1 GB internet and 500 MB free for facebook.
  • Charges of this weekly bundle are RS 75 (including tax)

Djuice 3g Weekly Unlimited Daytime Bundle

  • For activating weekly 3g unlimited day time bundle dial *345*144#
  • Enjoy best speed with 7 GB internet volume
  • Have lots of fun for 07 days
  • Price of this bundle is RS 47.80 including tax

Telenor 3G Djuice Monthly Starter Bundle

  • Starter Bundle activation is done by code *345*935#
  • 30 days is the best validity time of this bundle.
  • Subscriber will receive Internet volume of 2 GB
  • RS 299 will be charged to activated 3g monthly starter bundle

Telenor 3G Djuice Monthly Bundle

  • *345*135# is dialing code for Subscription of 3g monthly offer.
  • 30 days is the validity period of 3g monthly bundle.
  • 4 GB free internet on activation of this bundle will be awarded.
  • RS 478 is the price of djuice 3g monthly bundle.

Telenor 3G Djuice Monthly plus Bundle

  • Activate the bundle via code *345*136#
  • 3g Monthly plus bundle will provide you internet for 30 days
  • Internet Bundle volume of 10 GB will be given to the subscriber
  • Price plan is RS 1195 including tax for subscription.

Terms & Conditions

  • For inquiry of remaining internet bundle you can dial *999#
  • For both 3G and 2G internet, 3G bundles are valid.
  • Balance of 12 paisa for each 10 KB usage will be deducted from your current balance according to default rate if you are not subscribed to any bundle.

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