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Billion Tree Tsunami

A Green Growth Initiative

In the recent past, an enormous project of 1 billion trees was completed by the government of Khyber Pakhton Khawa. That project is known as Billion Tree Tsunami. The main objectives of that project are to reduce the global warming caused in that region, it is known to be a wonderful step for the betterment of nature and Mother Earth.

Billion Tree Tsunami

One of the major global issues of that time is Deforestation which in future are supposed to have disastrous and terrible results for the whole world, in fact, would be uncontrollable for anyone. A number of reports this year issued, highlight that issue for a long time.

Moreover according to a terrible report regarding this major issue of deforestation conclude that around the whole world, nearly 13 million hectors of mighty forest are destroyed and cut off each year, unfortunately, that’s a mighty number in the digit.

According to the report of an international organization of Food and Agricultural (FAO) the total forest area covering in Pakistan is stated to be very low even lower than the 2.2 percent of the whole occupied land. The report isn’t finished here another report after it indicated that the situation is even worst from our thoughts that only 1.91 percent area is covered by forests. In Pakistan each year cost us in the form of destruction of 42000 hectares or nearly 2.1 percent of its forests.

Starting a Green Growth Initiative:

A Green Growth Initiative had been launched by the provincial government of Khyber Pakhton (KPK) in the year 2014, with the assistance and supervision of former cricketer and the leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) his governing political party of KPK at that time, to restore years of tree cutting forest and its lost to the nature Imran Khan himself campaigned the Billion Tree Tsunami movement in his province.by the grace and constant support and participation of the people of that area and the remarkable performance of FOREST department of the province KP, A new ballistic milestone of One billion trees in the time span of just two years, that has to be appreciated worldwide is achieved by the   Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), Moreover they also exceed the global commitment to restore 350,000 hectares of forest and despoiled land.

After all the efforts made by the KP government regarding that project was internationally recognized.

International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) reads a statement,

“This marks the first Bonn Challenge pledge to reach its restoration goal”

The World Wildlife Fund-Pakistan Experts also believe that a social and economic success has been made by completion and succession of that project having the highest existence rates of trees in the world. Furthermore, a goal of the plantation of 100 million trees in the next five years was announced by the central government naming the campaign “Green Pakistan” after the popularity, recognition, and success of the provincial initiative by KP government.

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