Zong 3g Packages – Daily, Social, Weekly & Monthly

Zong 3g Packages

Zong has introduced 3g packages that are very liked by all Zong users. Zong is offering number of Zong 3g packages. These internet packages feature amazing low rates, highest speed and excellent quality. Subscribe to these Zong 3g packages and have lots of fun by using internet at any time and at any place. Zong 3g packages are available for a day, month and week as well.  Specialty of these Zong 3g packages is this; these packages include special social packs and micro social bundle to give freedom of usage of internet according to one’s own choice.

Zong 3g Packages

Details of these 3g bundles are mentioned below.

Zong Daily 3g Packages

  • Daily Mini Bundle
Mini bundle Volume20 MB
Mini Bundle PriceRS 05
Mini Bundle Validity01 Day
  • Daily Basic Bundle
Daily Basic Volume100 MB
Daily Basic PriceRS 15
Daily Basic Validity01 Day
  • Daily Premium Package
Daily Premium Volume 200 MB
Daily premium ChargesRS 25
Daily premium Validity time01 Day

Zong Night 3g Package

  • Good Night Bundle
Good Night Bundle price 01 GB
Good Night Bundle Price RS 06
Good Night Bundle ValidityFrom 1am to 9am

Zong Weekly 3g Bundle

  • Weekly Premium Bundle
Weekly premium Rate RS 70
Weekly premium Validity period07 days
Weekly premium volume700 MB

Zong Monthly 3g Bundle

  • Monthly Mini Bundle
Mini  Monthly Bundle ChargesRS 50
Mini Monthly Bundle Volume150 MB
Mini Monthly Bundle Validity30 Days
  • Monthly Basic Bundle
Basic Monthly Bundle RateRS 150
Basic Monthly Bundle Volume500 MB
Basic Monthly Bundle Validity time30 Days
  • Monthly Premium Bundle
Price of Premium Monthly BundleRS 350
Volume of Premium Monthly Bundle02 GB
Validity of Premium Monthly Bundle30 Days
  • Monthly Premium Bundle 2
Price of Monthly PremiumRS 650
Volume of Monthly Premium04 GB
Validity duration of Monthly Premium30 days
  • Monthly Premium Bundle 3
Charges For Premium BundleRS 1500
Volume For Premium Bundle10 GB
Validity time For Premium Bundle30 days
  • Monthly Premium Plus Bundle
Price Plan of Premium Plus BundleRS 2500
Internet Volume of Premium Plus Bundle20 GB
Validity period of Premium Plus Bundle30 days
  • Monthly Premium Plus Bundle 2
Premium Plus ChargesRS 3500
Premium plus data volume30 GB
Premium Plus Validity time30 days

Zong Social 3g Bundles

  • Social Pack Bundle ( includes Twitter, Face book & Whats App)
Social Pack Price planRS 10
Social Pack Volume500 MB
Social Pack Duration01 day

Zong Social Micro Bundle

  • Facebook Daily Bundle
Price of Facebook Daily BundleRS 05 / day
Volume of Facebook Daily Bundle50 MB
Validity of Facebook Daily Bundle01 Day
  • What’s App Daily Bundle
Whats App Daily Bundle PriceRS 03 / day
Whats App Daily Bundle volume30 MB
Whats App Daily Bundle Validity01 Day
  • Twitter Daily Bundle
Twitter Daily Bundle PriceRS 02 per Day
Twitter Daily Bundle internet Volume20 MB
Twitter Daily Bundle Validity time01 day


  • For Activation of any Bundle you can dial *6464#
  • To check you internet bucket volume you can dial *102#

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