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Warid 4g LTE Packages – Hourly, Daily, 3, 7 & 30 Days

Warid 4g LTE Packages

Warid has bring forward a mega offer for its exquisite users by providing them not the best infect one of the best internet service that is Warid LTE service. By this LTE service Warid has introduced mind blowing warid 4g LTE packages that let Warid users to enjoy internet at unbelievable fastest speed. Browse internet, watch videos, and make video calls and play games online on your mobiles without any pause via these Warid 4g LTE packages. User’s convenience is always the first priority of Warid. last Similarly introduction of these latest Warid 4g LTE packages is only for the users favor. Select any Warid 4g LTE package of your choice and relish with the internet services for as long as you want. You can view the details of all LTE packages.Warid 4g LTE Packages

Warid Hourly LTE Bundle

  • Get Warid hourly LTE offer by sending “DH4” to 7777 via SMS
  • This Bundle costs RS 10 for activation
  • You will be given 100 MB to relish with internet services
  • It remains valid for 4 hours from subscription time
  • To check your internet bundle status dial *200*415#

Warid Daily LTE Bundle

  • Subscribe to daily LTE bundle via SMS “D24” to 7777
  • You will be charged RS 10 to get this bundle
  • It has validity duration of 24 hours
  • 50 MB will be awarded to use free internet
  • Internet bundle status can be checked via *200*411#

Warid 3 Days LTE Bundle

  • Send “DB3” to 7777 to avail the three day bundle
  • Cost of this Bundle is RS 25
  • Upon activation 125 MB data volume will be given
  • It is valid for 03 days from subscription time
  • USSD string to check remaining internet volume is *200*437#

Warid Weekly LTE Bundle

  • Weekly Bundle subscription can be availed by sending SMS “WB1” to 7777
  • Warid will deduct RS 50 for activation of bundle.
  • You will enjoy 250 MB of internet for whole week
  • This bundle will expire after 07 days
  • USSD code *200*471# will give you status of your bundle

Warid Monthly Mini LTE Bundle

  • Monthly Mini LTE Bundle can be activated by sending “MBM” via SMS to 7777
  • 500 MB data limit will be gifted on activation
  • RS 100 will be deducted from your balance
  • Enjoy these free MBs for the whole month
  • Use *200*431# code to check status of internet package

Warid Monthly-Value LTE Bundle

  • SMS “MBV” to 7777 for Monthly Value Bundle activation.
  • Huge Data volume of 1GB will be added to your internet bucket
  • You will pay price of RS 200 to get this offer
  • This bundle has validity life of 30 days
  • To check status of remaining internet volume dial *200*432#

Warid Monthly-Smart LTE Bundle

  • Monthly Smart bundle activation is sending SMS “MBS” to 7777
  • Price of this smart LTE bundle is RS 300
  • After activation you can enjoy it for 30 days
  • Data volume of 2GB will be awarded to the user
  • *200*433# can guide you about remaining data volume

Warid Monthly-Big LTE Bundle

  • Send “MBB” to 7777 via SMS to obtain Big LTE bundle
  • Warid will provide you 5GB internet to use for free
  • You have to pay RS 500 for activation of bundle
  • This bundle will remain active for 30 days
  • Current bundle status can be checked via code *200*435#

Warid Monthly-Value LTE Bundle

  • Super-Bucket Subscription can be done via SMS “MHD” to 7777
  • Enjoy 8GB internet after getting subscription
  • Price of this bundle is RS 800
  • It will remain active up till 30 days after activation
  • You can know about current data volume via code *200*438#


  • You can view whole internet menu by dialing *777#
  • To enjoy Warid LTE service user’s SIM and mobile both must be LTE supported.
  • These internet bundles are available on all packages
  • Sending SMS to 7777 will charge you RS 1+tax.

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