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Chicken Biryani Recipe

Chicken Biryani is almost favorite dish of all people because of its delicious taste. People specially make wishes to friends and family to give them “Biryani” in treat because they love it. So, you must know the easy way to cook biryani. Biryani is famous Pakistani Recipe and it can be cooked easily. There are different methods to cook Biryani but the easy chicken biryani recipe is given here for your ease.

Must try this simple chicken biryani recipe you will definitely love it. It smells so good that even if you’re not hungry you want to eat it.

Simple Chicken Biryani Recipe

Simple Chicken Biryani Recipe Ingredients

You will need the following ingredients for Simple Chicken Biryani Recipe

  • Chicken                                 800g
  • Onion                                     50g
  • Ginger-garlic paste              5teaspoons
  • Kewra                                     Few drops
  • Basmati Rice                         2 ½ Cups
  • Water                                      05 Cups
  • Jaifal                                       1/3 teaspoon
  • Cardamom (elaichi)             1/3 teaspoon
  • Small Cardamom                  1/3 teaspoon
  • Cloves                                     1/3 teaspoon
  • Taizpaat                                  05
  • Oil                                           1 cup
  • Zafran                                     Few Drops
  • Salt                                          2 teaspoon
  • Red pepper                            2 teaspoons


For cooking yummy and marvelous Simple Chicken Biryani Recipe follow the given below procedure.

  • For Simple Chicken Biryani Recipe you will need Rice
  • First of all wash rice and dip them in water for at least 30 minutes and keep them aside.
  • Now take 3 ½ cup of water and boil it
  • Add Rice, Jaifal, Cardamom and small cardamom, clove and Taizpaat in the boiling water
  • Cover the pan or vessel in which all the ingredients are being boiled.
  • Let the rice cook by 3/4th, afterwards lit off the stove and place the cooked rice aside.
  • Take another vessel, add oil in it and put it on fire.
  • Add onion in it and fry it until onions color become light brown.
  • Also mix the Ginger-Garlic paste in the onion and fry them.
  • When the Onions become light brown add chicken in it and stir fry the chicken for 10 minutes.
  • After 10 minutes add salt, red pepper powder and 1½ cup water in it.
  • Cover the vessel and let it cook for at least 25 minutes.
  • Uncover the vessel and add brown onion paste in it and let it cook for some more time.
  • Wait until the chicken is cooked properly and gravy has thickened as well.
  • Lit off the stove and put it aside.
  • Take a baking dish and make 2-3 layers of rice and then chicken gravy respectively.
  • Spread Zafran and kewra on it and cover the dish with wet cloth.
  • Now put it on stove with small flicker and leave it for 15-20 minutes.
  • Now Remove it from the stove and transfer rice into the serving dish
  • Delicious chicken Biryani is ready. Now serve it with fresh salad now.

It is the simplest easy chicken biryani recipe and best way of cooking of biryani. Must try it at home and add all the ingredients in to have mind blowing taste. You can also serve it to your friends and family because it would taste yummy.

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