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Postal Code Of Sargodha – Sargodha Postal Code List

Postal Code Of Sargodha

Postal codes are assigned by the post offices to all the cities of Pakistan. Each city has its own postal code. These postal codes are meant for sending the letters or Emails to the people. Postal code of Sargodha is also assigned by Post office Pakistan. Postal code of Sargodha is five digit code meant for the same purpose of sending letters and emails. Postal code of Sargodha is 40100.

Sargodha Postal Code

Area Name Post Code
Ahmed Pur 40120
Alamabad 40418
Alipur Noon 40500
Astana-e-Fazal 40184
Bhabra 40470
Bhagtan Wala 40280
Bhalwal 40410
Bhera 40540
Bhuleer Chak 119 39610
Bulland Hill 40080
Chak 10 M.L 40530
Chak 111 SB 40260
Chak 29 S.B 40310
Chak 34 N.B 40330
Chak 36 S.B 40060
Chak 46 S.B 40050
Chak 64 S.B 40140
Chak 86 S.B 40300
Chak 88 S.B 40270
Chak Ram Das 40520
Dharima 40370
Farooka 40040
Gondal (SGD) 40216
Hazoorpur 40542
Hujjan 40560
Hyderabad Town (SGD) 40340
Jahanabad 40614
Jhawrian 40350
Kallas Sharif 40290
Kandan 40620
Kirana Hill 40250
Kot Moman 40450
Lalliani 40440
Manzoor Hayat Colony Bhalwal 40420
Miani 40550
Midh Ranjha 40460
Moazam Abad 40430
Mori 40342
Nihang 40230
Noon Sugar Mills Bhalwal 40400
Phular Wan 40570
Punja 40464
Sahiwal (Sgd) 40210
Sail Sharif 40220
Sargodha Cantt 40190
Sargodha GPO 40100
Sargodha P.A.F Base 40180
Sargodha Secondary Board 40160
Sargodha Taxtile Mills 40170
Shah Nikdar 40000
Shah Pur City 40610
Shah Pur Sadar 40600
Shaheenabad 40130
Sial Chowk 40222
Sillan Wali 40010
Tangowali 40462
Uttian 40360
Wijh 40110

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