Postal Code of Islamabad Complete List – Islamabad GPO

Postal Code of Islamabad

Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. Islamabad is the world’s second most beautiful city. It is famous because of its eye catching natural beauty and beautiful mountains. Islamabad is expanded over large area and it has various localities. All these localities are assigned postal codes of Islamabad. Postal code of Islamabad is different for each locality. Here is the postal code of Islamabad localities.

Islamabad Postal Code

Area NamePostal
Islamabad Aiwan-e-Saddar44040
Islamabad Allama Iqbal Open University 44310
Islamabad B-block Pak Sectt.44020
Islamabad Cabinet Block 44030
Islamabad Dha Phase-ii 45730
Islamabad E-9 (Air Hq)44230
Islamabad F-7 Markaz  44210
Federal Capital Islamabad F-8 Markaz 44220
Islamabad Federal Board 44320
Islamabad G-10 Markaz 44100
Islamabad G-5 Foreign Office44050
Islamabad G-8/Markaz44080
Islamabad G-9/Markaz44090
Islamabad Gpo44000
Islamabad Hajj Complex45210
Islamabad I-10/Markaz44800
Islamabad I-8/444790
Islamabad National Health Laboratiories45500
Islamabad Primr Minister Sectt.44010
Islamabad Quaid-e-Azam University45320
Islamabad, Model Town Humak 45700
Ali Pur Frash45600
Bara Kau45400
Jagiot, Islamabad45610
Kirpa, Islamabad45640
Kuri, Islamabad45570
Lohi Bher, Islamabad45710
Malpur, Islamabad45520
Mara Jaffar, Islamabad45250
Nilore, Islamabad45650
Noorpur Shahan, Islamabad45300
Pakistan Town (korang Town)45720
Rawal Town, Islamabad45510
Saree Chowk45410
Shah Allah Ditta45220
Tarlai Kalan45550

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