Flag of Maryland State of US – Maryland State Flag

Flag of Maryland State of US

Maryland State of US is also known as “Little America, Old Line State, Free State and America in Miniature”. This State is present in Mid Atlantic area of US. Its motto is in Latin which means “Manly Deeds, Womanly Words”.  Maryland’s largest city is Baltimore and capital city of this State is Annapolis. This State comes among the US smallest State but is densely populated.

Flag of Maryland State of US is very different from other State flags. Design of this flag is George Calvert‘s Heraldic banner, 1st Baron Baltimore. This flag was adopted on 25th Nov, 1904. It is used as both State and Civil flag.  This flag of US State doesn’t contain blue color in it. It has four parts, two parts consist of black and golden design which indicate Coat of arms of Calvert line. Other two parts consists of white and red design which shows coat of arms from Cross land line.

Maryland State Flag

Maryland State Flag

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