Flag of Maine State of US – Maine State Flag

Flag of Maine State of US

Maine is the US state that is located in the New England area of USA. This State is surrounded by Atlantic Ocean on east side and New Hampshire on the west side. Augusta is the Capital city of this State. Portland is largest city of Maine State. This State is also called “The Pine Tree State” and “Vacationland”. The Motto of this Maine State is “Dirigo” which means ‘I read’, ‘I guide’ or ‘I direct’.

Flag of Maine State of US consists of Blue background with State coat of arms on it. At the middle of shield, a tall pine tree is present below which a moose rests. On one side of shield the seaman represents traditional reliance on sea and on other side farmer represents traditional dependence on agriculture. This Flag was adopted by this State on 16th June, 1909. This Maine State Flag is for Civil and State as well.

Maine State Flag

Maine State Flag

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