Flag of US State of Louisiana – Louisiana State Flag

Flag of US State of Louisiana

Louisiana State also named as Bayou State Child of the Mississippi, Creole State Pelican State, Sportsman’s paradise sugar state and The Boot. Motto of this State is “Union, Justice and Confidence”. Capital of this State is “Baton Rouge” while the largest city of Louisiana is “New Orleans”. This State comes on 31st number by area and on 25th number by population.

Flag of Louisiana State comprised of heraldic charge which is called “Pelican in her piety”. It represents pelican, a mother feeding her young with blood. Pelican’s wings and heads are covering the three chickens below her. A White ribbon is also present at bottom on which State’s motto is written in blue. This flag was adopted on 22nd November, 2010.

Louisiana State Flag

Louisiana State Flag

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