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Flag of US state of Kentucky – Kentucky State Flag


Flag of US State Of Kentucky

Kentucky is State of US which is officially named as “Common wealth of Kentucky”, present in east-south central area of US. This State is also called as “Bluegrass State”. It has its own motto which is “United we Stand, Divide we fall”. Its capital city is Frankfort and largest city is “Louisville”. This US state is ranked on 37th number according to area and on 26th number according to population.

Flag of Commonwealth of Kentucky State consists of azure blue background with State seal in its center. Above this Seal Commonwealth of Kentucky is written in yellow in semi circle. This Flag is for both civil and state. This Flag is named as “The Bluegrass State”. Flag design was proposed by Jesse Cox Burgess. This flag was adopted on 26th March, 1918.

Kentucky State Flag

Kentucky State Flag


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