Flag of US State of Kansas – Kansas State Flag

Flag of US State of Kansas

Kansas US state lies in Midwestern area of USA. People residing in this State are called “Kansans”. This US state has got nicknames as well which are “The Sunflower State and The Wheat State”. Motto song of this State is in Latin which means “For To the stars through difficulties”. Capital city of Kansas State is Topeka and its largest city is “Wichita”. By area this State comes on 15th number.

Flag of State of USA comprised of azure blue color with State seal in its center.  Above State Seal sunflower is present and below seal “KANSAS” is written in yellow. This Flag was adopted by Kansas State is 22nd September 1961. This State has also variant flag. It is similar to Civil and State flag but has four white stars in all its corners.

Kansas State Flag

Kansas State Flag

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