Flag of Iowa State of USA – Iowa State Flag

Flag of Iowa State of USA

Iowa State of USA is located in Midwestern. It is also called as “American Heartland” sometimes. This State is surrounded by River Mississippi on east side and both Big Sioux River & Missouri River on west side. Iowa State’s capital city is Des Moines. Nickname of this state is “The Hawkeye State”. Motto of this State is “Out liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain”.

Flag of Iowa State of USA contains vertical ribbons of Blue and red on sides and wider white ribbon in the center. The White wider Stripe has an eagle on it which is holding blue ribbon in its beak. On blue ribbon motto of the State is written in white color. Below this “IOWA” is written in red. IOWA State adopted its flag ion 12th March, 1921.This Flag was designed by “Dixie Cornell Gebhardt”. It is Civil as well as State flag.

Iowa State Flag

Flag of Iowa

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