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Influences of Information Technology on Society

Due to the development of computer industries and the internet networks throughout the previous three decades, things have changed a lot and global communication has reached to an unmatched height as never before.

Influences of Information Technology on Society

Information technology impacts on learning:

In the phase of learning the enormous scope have appeared to the surface with these developments to present learning in a much well organized and cooperative way. The entire philosophy of knowledge and distance learning is transformed by Internet networks and Multimedia technology providing us with the opportunity for close interaction among learners and teachers along with the better standard of learning resources as compared to that was existing only with the printed media.

  • Information technology has gone to such an extent to make a virtual classroom where teachers and students are dispersed all over the world.

Information technology impacts on business and E-commerce

Information technology impacts on business and E-commerce: With the help of electromagnetic waves we possibly will be able to work on jobs which are thousands of miles away from us. By that way, competent

Information technology impacts on business and E-commerce: With the help of electromagnetic waves we possibly will be able to work on jobs which are thousands of miles away from us. By that way, competent people with good skills would available to do the job and the problem of lack of skills which some countries are facing nowadays could be reduced.

The rapid and fast dispatch of information universally has facilitated the commercial development to a tremendously high level that the small and large traders are being able to sell their products and goods to another part of the world with ease and grace as they are able to communicate to each other in no time and arrange the deal.

  • Online Shopping and Trading: With the Development of electronic commerce it becomes very convenient for the single customer to select the desired product itself online and make payment of it instantly. However, there is a problem as the buyer has not seen whom he/she is purchasing his/her selected product and can never hear from the seller once the payment is been done. That kind of case has come to our attention.

Impact of virtual technology in Society:

The integrated devices which are perhaps much more advanced and seamless technology having virtual reality (For example might think of a device projecting images (probably from glasses) directly onto the lens of a human’s eye) permitting the people to neglect their surroundings. A brief use of this technology is it allows people to travel virtually, e.g. anyone could go on holidays for a certain program, relaxation, walk around and relax there, take it easy.

Nowadays anyone can attend their business meetings without their physical presence over there. In a virtual meeting, Business partners are able to see and hear each other as they are facing each other in reality. In nowadays mobility (traveling) may be very important, However, in the modern era, the need of physical travelling is significantly decreasing and instead of traveling by road and by air to a meeting in other countries or cities in meeting one can use virtual technologies and attend virtual meeting and save a lot of time and money also protects the environment from dangerous overwhelming pollution. Everything else will be done by technology. For example, one can display the goods, possibly even smell, feel or hear them nobody will need to go shopping anymore, one will order things needed via some special urbane devices which are easy to handle and understand.

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