Flag of Indiana State of USA – Indiana State Flag

Flag of Indiana State of USA

Indiana is the state of USA that les among Midwestern and Great Lakes areas of North America. This State is also named as The Hoosier State. Motto of Indiana State of US is “The Crossroads of America”. Indianapolis is both largest city and the capital city of this State. By population Indiana comes on 28th number and 38th largest State out of 50 States.

Flag of Indiana State of USA was accepted on 31st May, 1917. Designer of this Flag is Paul Hadley. This flag is blue in color that contains torch in its center above its top golden star is present crowned with “Indiana” in gold color. This Whole torch is surrounded by two circles of start. Outer larger circle has 13 Stars in it while inner side semicircle comprise of five stars. Torch on flag is indicator of enlightenment and liberty. One Star at top of torch shows Indiana. Thirteen Stars represent 13 colonies while 5 stars show 5 added states to the union.

Indiana State Flag

Flag of Indiana

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