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Home Remedies for Sweaty Palms and Feet

Sweaty hands and feet are very common problem among people. Most of the people avoid shaking hands with people because of sticky hands. Normal sweating is not so problematic but when it exceeds than normal ranges it causes problem like people get irritated and sometimes embarrassed in gatherings. There can be multiple causes of sweaty palms and feet like hormonal disturbances, anxiety, stress etc. You can overcome this problem by following home remedies for sweaty palms and feet. Here are some best home remedies mentioned which can help you.

Home Remedies for Sweaty Palms and Feet

Best Home Remedies for Sweaty Palms and Feet

Stop worrying about the sweaty palms and feet, here are the amazing and best remedies for dealing with this problem. Have a look.

Use of Cold Water

People having sweaty palms and feet should increase water intake because it is best remedy to avoid sweat. You should intake almost 12 glasses of water per day. Additionally, you can also soak your hands and feet in water for sometime like 20 minutes to avoid sweating.

Use of Tea Therapy

Tea therapy also comes among the best home remedies for sweaty palms and feet because of tea’s unique action like antiperspirant action. Tea also functions as astringent. Take 5 black tea bags and soak it in hot water. Now put hands or feet in lukewarm water for almost half an hour. Using this method can minimize perspiration and you will be free of sweaty palms and feet.

Use of Tomato Juice

For sweaty palms and feet, tomato is also useful because of its cooling effect on our body because it helps in lowering higher body temperature ultimately preventing sweating. Also tomato is rich in sodium which decreases the sweat.

Use of Potato

Potato is the vegetable which can be used to reduce the sweat. Potato juice has ingredients in it which can help you deal with this sweat problem. Take potato and make slices of it. Rub these slices on the palms of hands and feet also and wash your hands and feet after some time with water.

Use of Charcoal

Charcoal is natural absorbent and is considered one of good home remedies for sweaty palms and feet.  It absorbs the moisture. Take one teaspoon of activated charcoal and intake it in morning with glass of water. If you are having problem because of empty stomach intake than intake it after food.  It will help you get rid of this problem.

These are the home remedies for sweaty palms and feet which will help you. Use these tips and share your experience.

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