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Hawaii State Flag – State Flag Of Hawaii

Flag of Hawaii US State

Hawaii State with nicknames “The Aloha State, Paradise of the Pacific and The Islands of Aloha” is present in Oceania. This State is unique because it is composed of Flags entirely. Also it the only State that doesn’t lie in Americas, Its Motto is “The Life of The Land is perpetuated in Righteousness”.

Flag of Hawaii US State contain eight stripes of White, red and blue colors. This Flag was also used before by protectorate, republic, territory and kingdom of Hawaii. Unique thing about this flag is that it contains the UK’s Union flag on its top one corner. Hawaii’s Flag is for both Civil and State. This Flag is named as “Ka Hae Hawai’i”. It was adopted by Hawaii State on 29th December, 1845.

Hawaii State Flag

Hawaii State Flag

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