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How to be a Good Dad and Husband

Male has dominant role in our society. Every person is tied up in chain of several relations. Some relationships are very close and some are distant. Good person is one who is capable of dealing equally with all of the relationship and is able to fulfill the requirements of each relationship. Well, for the male the topmost relationship which should be dealt with lots of care is that of Dad and Husband. Every male should be well aware of how to be a good dad and husband at the same time.

Key Roles for How to be a Good Dad and Husband:

Male must be able to harmonize his both important relations of dad and husband. He must be an amazing dad to his child and best husband to his wife to live wonderful and happy life. The only requirement is your sincerity to your relationship. If you are sincere, loyal and your priority is your family than of course you are going to live a wonderful life.

How to become a good Dad:

Parents are God’s best gift to children. Parents are the one who bring up their child from his birth and guide them for rest to their life. They play an important role in their child’s character building, personality development, habits and other liking and disliking. Don’t be afraid of fatherhood it is not hard. To be a good father you must know these key roles of how to become a good Dad.

  • Develop understanding

Being a good dad is not just about listening to your child and fulfilling his demands instead it is about getting yourself involved with your child. This can be done only by developing understanding. If you want to be a good father, you must know what your child has on his mind, what he likes and what is his company. Child who is brought up under fatherhood is more sensible, not messy and is amazing in all aspects.

  • Give time to your child

In this hectic life, no one has time for the family because we have prioritized ordinary things above relationships. Especially parents are so busy in earning livings that they have become ignorant of their own family life.  So to live a healthy and happy life good dad must be aware of fathers rights and to be a father to your child must give him time. Help them in studies, listen to their problems and play games with them.

  • Treat kids with Affection

Kids are innocent and they only demand love, affection and care. There are fathers rights too to be respected and loved but it all depends on parent’s guidance. Treat your kids fairly, do not always scold them, don’t beat or punish them severely, and do not abuse your kids. To have happy family life, you must follow these key points. Children are the asset of parents and you must put your all efforts for making them amazing persons.

  • Be a friend to your Child

Good father is always best friend of his child. Don’t just be a father to your child in fact, be a friend of your kids. In this way they will share all what they feel, what they think and what they want ultimately you will be able to deal with the problems they are facing, you can provide them things they want and you can make them happy.

These are few best tips for becoming an amazing father and for bringing up your kids into an amazing person. No relationship counseling can make you a perfect dad until and unless you understand the basics or needs of your relationship.

How to become a Good Husband:

Husband wife relationship is very sensitive and requires lots of care and affection. People restrain from getting married because they do not understand the relationship psychology and they are not good at managing relationships. But this is not hard job and you do not have to go for relationship counseling, simply follow up some basic rules of how to become a good husband to live happy family life.

  • Trust your Wife

The very basic and important thing in husband wife relationship is trust. Trust makes your wife feel safe, comfortable and it is guarantee that you will stay with her forever in all good and bad times. Besides trusting her, win her trust also by making her believe that you love her and do not ever lie to her. Trust in relationships makes the durability of relations everlasting.

  • Plan Surprises

Best advice about relationship of married life is surprises. To become a good husband you should plan something big for your wife on weekends or whenever you find time and surprise her by this. Like if she likes to watch movie, she loves hangouts or she want to go for picnic plan something and give her surprise. By taking care of these little things show that you love your wife and she is very important to you.

  • Praise her

If you love your wife, you will unintentionally always praise her. This will make her happy.  You should never ignore her to become a good husband. Every woman is fond of shopping, when she does shopping praise her of the things she buy and in routine life also tell her that she is beautiful and you love your wife.

  • Support and Listen to your wife

One of the best ways of making your relationship wonderful is to listen and support your wife. You must know her desires, her needs and her liking. Also if you get into fight with your wife, do not scold her or give threats of divorce, it will severely damage your good relationship. Instead be calm and settle the dispute like good husband.

Every person in the relationship must know that understanding relationship psychology includes these basic steps. When you are in the relationship don’t take abrupt decisions like divorce these have very bad impact on good relationships. By following the above mentioned advice about relationship you will become capable of managing relationships and you will live happy family life.

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