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Fried Rice Recipe In Urdu

If you ever got an opportunity to visit a Chinese restaurant in your locality, you might have enjoyed the mouthwatering fried rice in your meal. Fried rice is a very popular dish in south Asian local and Chinese restaurants and the natives love to enjoy this food on dinners and outings and also as a festive cuisine. Fried rice is prepared from steamed rice that has been mixed with finely- cut vegetables, meat, eggs and other ingredients and then these ingredients along with rice are stir-fried and served hot as a main course. In homes, fried rice is usually made with leftover ingredients and customized according to the preferred taste.Fried Rice Recipe

Fried Rice Recipe In Urdu

Fried rice, ek mashhoor or mazaydar chinese dish hai jise duniya ke taqreeban tamam ilaqon mein khaya aur pasand kiya jata hai. Ye pakwan ubley huay chawal, sabzi, gosht aur andey sey tayyar kiya jata hai aur is mein cheeni masala jaat jaisey sirka, soya sauce  waghera shamil hotey hain. Yeh ek halki ghiza hai aur aam taur per daawaton aur hotelon mein bohat shauq sey khai jaati hai. Agar aap bhi apne ghar mein fried rice tayyar karna chahtay hain to aap ko risalon mein aur internet per beshumar fried rice recipe in Urdu mil jayenge jin ki madad sey app ba-aasani apney ghar par fried rice tayyar ker sakti hain.

Fried rice kai kisam key hotey hain jaise ke egg fried rice, chicken fried rice ya prawn fried rice waghera . Aam taur per gharon mein chicken fried rice banaye jate hain. nazreen aur qariyon key liye ek aasan fried rice recipe in urdu darj-e-zail hai.

Aasan Fried Rice Recipe In Urdu | Ingredients:

  • Chawal(ubley huey):2 cup
  • Hari pyaz (bareek kati hui):4-5
  • Gajar(bareek turkey):2
  • Shimla mirch(bareek kati hui):2
  • Band Gobhi(kadoo kash):1/2-1 cup
  • Matar key daaney :1/2 cup
  • Oil(til ka tel):talney key liye
  • Ajinomoto:Hasb-e-zaiqa
  • Chicken cube:1
  • Namak:Hasb-e-zaiqa
  • Kaali mirch:1 tablespoon
  • Eggs:12 phent ker aamlet tal lein)
  • Chicken(ubli hui):1/2-1 cup
  • Soya sauce:2-3 table spoon
  • Sirka safed(Vinegar):1 table spoon.
  • White pepper:1/2 teaspoon


Is fried rice recipe in urdu to tayyar kerney ka tareeqa ye hai :

  1. Murghi key gosht ko ½ chamach adrak lehsan,namak ,safed mirch aur kaali mirch daal ker thorey pani mein ubaal lein. Agar haddi wala gosht hai to haddiyan alehda ker lein aur gosht key reshey bana lein .
  2. Ek karhai ya frying pan mein tel andazan 4 khaney ke chamach dal ker sabziyon(pehley sey dhuli hui) ko halka tel lein. Agar til ka tel muyassar na ho to aam pakwan ka tel istemal ho sakta hai. Jab sabziyan murjha jain to dhakkan band kerdein aur aanch thori dheemi ker deink e sabziyan apney paani mein zara si gal jayienmagar khayal rakhyey ke sabzian zyada na galen.
  3. Ab aanch barha dein aur is mein chicken ke reshay aur egg aamlet key chotey pieces mila dein
  4. Soya sauce sirka, kaali mirch, namak, ajinimoto aur chicken cube shamil ker key darmiyani aanch per chamach chalain.
  5. Ab ubley huey chawal shamil karein aur chamach ya kafgeer sey tamam ajza ko yak jaan karein . Chawal cakh ker dekh lein namak ya sauce ki kami beshi ho to mila lein.
  6. Dhakan dhank ker 3 minute tal dermiyani aanch per dum dein ya phir tez aanch per tamam ajza mix ker key foran chula band ker leiin.
  7. Tezi key liye aap is mein hasbe-zaiqa chili sauce bhi shamil ker sakte hain aur hasbe zaroorat masalon ki miqdar kam ya ziyada ker sakte hain

Yeh fried rice recipe in urdu nihayat aasan aur lazeez hai. Fried rice key saath aap chinese salan ki recipe bhi search kijey aur zaiqey daar chinese khanon ka lutf uthaye.

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