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Forex Trading in Urdu – What Is Forex – Forex Urdu Course

What is Forex?

Forex trading is the trading of currencies. It is one of the oldest and largest markets. People have been working in this market since years and earning lots of money. It is an international market; you can buy and sell currency of any country. It has different currency pairs Like EUR/USD, EUR/JPY etc. You can open buy or sell trade according to market trend and earn lots of money.

All the people have dream of becoming rich by earning lots of money. Fore is one of the best sources of earning money. It doesn’t demand any degree except Forex learning. People can make their dream come true by Forex. They can join and learn Forex trading to fulfill their dreams.

Who are Successful in Forex?

Forex trading is the market that requires patience and time. Only those people are successful in this market that follows the given below rules:

  • People who start it with proper learning
  • People who get experience via demo account
  • People who work with relax mind and with patience
  • People who trade after proper market analysis

If any person follows all these rules he will be definitely successful. These are the key steps towards success in Forex market.

Why People Lose Money in Forex?

Let me tell you the bitter reality, 90% of people lose their money in Forex market. Reason of failure is just lack of learning.

  • People start Forex without any learning.
  • Greedy people always lose
  • Inexperienced people.
  • People want to become rich in a single day and ultimately they lose their money.

Who we are?

We “The Forex traders” are here to provide you Forex trading in Urdu. On the basis of our knowledge and experience we are presenting Forex training in Urdu via video tutorials and articles. The basic requirement of Forex market is “Forex Learning.” you can’t earn any money here without proper learning and experience Forex trading in Urdu will help you all people a lot to learn about the very basic rules and terms of Forex.

What we provide?

You might have heard a lot about Forex trading but no one will guide you about the basic forex rules. We are here with great experience to teach you about the very basic rules of forex.  We are providing 3 to 4 months Forex training course in Urdu language for your ease. By this course you can learn Forex trading in Urdu and do trading with confidence without fear of losing your account.

Forex Trading In Urdu

Here is the main Outline of Forex Trading in Urdu.

  • What is actually Forex market?
  • What is Market Analysis?
  • Three types of Market Analysis, (Technical, Fundamental, Sentimental)
  • Types of Charts (Line chart, Bar chart, Candlestick chart
  • Timeframes ( M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1, MN)
  • Importance Of Times Frames
  • Demo account & Demo Practice
  • Money management and money management formula
  • Buy & Sell trade, take profit, stop loss,
  • Pending order ( buy & sell stop, buy & Sell Limit)
  • What is Spread & Pips Calculation
  • Forex Support & Resistance ( very Important)
  • What are Trend line and its types?
  • Sideways trends (Ranging), Uptrend (Higher lows), Downtrend (Lower highs)
  • What are Channel & its types?
  • Horizontal channel (Ranging), Ascending channel (higher highs & higher lows), Descending channel (lower highs & lower lows)
  • What is Candlestick, Spinning Tops, Marubozu, Doji ( Types Of Doji ), Hammer and Hanging Man, Inverted Hammer and Shooting star)
  • Indicator Trading, (Fibonacci, Moving Average, RSI, Stochastic & others)

Learning about all these terms will surely make you expert of Forex trading.

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