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Florida State Flag – State Flag Of Florida

Flag of Florida State

Florida is US state that is located in Southeast. This State is nicknamed as “The Sunshine State”. Motto of this state is “In God We Trust”. This state is also one of the densely populated States and comes on 8th number. By area it is the 22nd largest State. Its capital city is Tallahassee. “Florida, where the Saw grass meets the sky” is the Florida State’s Song.

Flag of Florida State comprise of diagonal cross “Red Saltire” on the white background. Additionally State Steal is presented in the center. Florida State adopted this flag on 6th November, 1900. This flag was modified on 21st May 1985. Florida’s Flag was designed or selected via referendum on 6th November 1900. It is both State and Civil Flag.

Florida State Flag

Flag of Florida

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