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Flag of New York State of US

Flag of New York

New York State of US is located in Northeastern area of USA. This State has got nick name ‘The Empire State’. Motto of New York State is in Latin ‘Excelsior’ which means ‘Ever Upward’. Also this State has its own song which is ‘I Love New York’. Albany is the capital city of this State and largest city is ‘New York City’. It is ranked on 27th number by area and comes on fourth number by population.

Flag of New York State of US consists if blue color field with coats of arms of US state in its center. It was adopted by New York State on 2nd April, 1901. Coat of arms of US state consists of shield within which ship and sloop on Hudson River is present and its shore is grassy. Additionally, there is a mountain behind which sun is rising. On sides of Shield two supports are present Liberty on left side and Justice on right side. At the bottom white ribbon is present on which motto of State is written in black.

New York Flag

Flag of New York

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