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Flag of New Mexico State of US

Flag of New Mexico

New Mexico State of US lies in the southwestern and western area of USA. This State is also called as “Land of Enchantment”. Motto of New Mexico State is ‘Crescit eundo’ which means ‘It grows as it goes’. By area this US State comes on 5th number and by population it is on 25th number. New Mexican state of US has multiple languages like English, Spanish, Navajo and others.

Flag of New Mexico State of US consists of Yellow colored field with Red sun sign of Zia at the center of flag. In 1920 this flag was designed by Harry P. Mera and it was adopted by New Mexico State in 1925. This flag of US state has got uniqueness because it does not contain blue color in it. This is for both State and Civil.

New Mexico Flag

Flag of New Mexico

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