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Flag of New Jersey State of US

Flag of New Jersey

New Jersey State of US is present in the Middle Atlantic area and Northeastern area of US. Nickname of this State is ‘The Garden State’. Motto of this State is “Liberty and prosperity”. New Jersey’s capital city is “Trenton” and its largest city is ‘Newark’. By population this State comes on 11th number while it is ranked on47th number by area.

Flag of New Jersey State of US was adopted on 1777 and modified in 1928. It contains coats of arms in its center which comprise of shield with 03 plows on it which represents agricultural tradition of New Jersey. Above shield helmet is laid and above helmet horse’s head is present as crest. On sides of Shield Females representing Liberty and Ceres, Ceres holding cornucopia and liberty holding ‘Liberty cap’ are present. At bottom blue ribbon is present with “ Liberty and prosperity 1776’ written on it.

New Jersey Flag

Flag of New Jersey State of US

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