Flag of New Hampshire State of United States

Flag of New Hampshire

New Hampshire State of US is located in New England area of northeastern US. It is also known as ‘The Granite State’. New Hampshire is ranked on 5th number geographically and on 46th number by population hence it is the 9th least populous among 50 US states. English is the official language here. Motto of this State is ‘Live Free of Die’ and State’s Song is ‘Old New Hampshire’.

Flag of New Hampshire State of US state consists of blue color background with State shield in its center. This State has got two shields. One is mostly used and called as Great Seal. This Great Seal represents the ‘Frigate USS Raleigh. Its flag also contain the great seal only. New Hampshire State adopted its flag in 1931. Its flag is for both Civil and State.

New Hampshire flag

Flag of New Hampshire

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