Flag of Nebraska State of US

Flag of Nebraska

Nebraska State of US is located in the Great Plains and Midwestern US. This State is also known as Cornhusker State. Nebraska State’s motto is “Equality before the law”. Capital city of this state is “Lincoln” and largest city of this State is “Omaha” which lies on Missouri River. English is the official language of this State. It comes on 16th number according to area and population it has got 37th number.

Flag of Nebraska State of US is rectangular in shape with blue color background and gold color State Seal in the center. The State Seal represents all the important things of this State. This flag was adopted in 1925 by Nebraska State. It is both State and Civil flag. Flag was designed by ‘James Lloyd McMaster’. Also this State comes in the list of States which adopted their official flag at last.

Nebraska Flag

Flag of Nebraska State of US

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