Flag of Minnesota State of US – Minnesota Flag

Flag of Minnesota

Minnesota is the US state that lies in Midwestern region of US. Name of this State has meaning “Clear Blue water” this is because of large number of lakes in this state. Nicknames of this State are “Land of 10,000 Lakes, The Gopher State, The State of Hockey and North Star State”. Minnesota motto is in French which means “The Star of North”. Capital city of this State is Saint Paul while its largest city is Minneapolis”.

Flag of Minnesota State of US consists of blue background with Sate seal in its center.  Below the Seal Minnesota is written in red. Also it contains 19 gold Stars around State Seal which are in clusters; 4 clusters comprising 4 stars and 1 cluster comprising 3 stars. This Flag was adopted on 2nd August, 1983. This Flag was designed by “Pauline Gerhardin Fjelde”. This Flag is for Civil & State as well.

Minnesota Flag

Flag of Minnesota

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