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Flag of Massachusetts Sate of US

Flag of Massachusetts

Massachusetts State of US is located in New England area of Northeastern US. It is officially named as “Common Wealth of Massachusetts”. This State has got many nick names which are “The Bay State, The old Colony State, The Puritan State, and The Baked Bean State”. Song of this State is “All Hail to Massachusetts”. Massachusetts State of US has motto in Latin which means “By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty”.

Flag of Massachusetts Sate of US is very simple and was adopted on 21st March, 1971 by its governments. This Flag is named as Flag of governor of Massachusetts. This flag consists of white back ground with blue color shield in its center. On Shield Algonquian Native American is standing with bow and arrow pointing downward and showing peace. A white Star is also present on one side of shield. This shield is surrounded by blue ribbon on which State’s motto is written in golden. It has also its variant flag which is similar but in pennant from. This State has three flags currently

  • State and Civil Flag
  • Naval and Maritime flag
  • Governor’s Flag

Massachusetts State and Civil Flag

Flag of Massachusetts

Massachusetts Naval and Maritime Flag

Massachusetts Naval and Maritime flag

Massachusetts Governor’s Flag

Massachusetts Governor’s Flag


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