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Flag of illinois – State Flag of illinois – USA


Flag of Illinois State of US

Illinois State of US is present in the Midwestern are of USA.  It has got other names as well which are “Land of Lincoln and The prairie State”. It comes on the 5th number according to population and geographically it is on 25th number.  Motto of Illinois State is “State sovereignty, national union”. Its capital city is Springfield .While Chicago is the largest city.

Flag of Illinois State of US has its own beauty because of its simplicity it exhibits Seal of State of Illinois on the white color background. Below the Seal “Illinois” is written in blue. The Great Seal indicates the official nature of document which is produced by Illinois State. On 27th June, 1969, State of Illinois adopted its flag. This flag was designed by Sharon Tyndale. This Flag is for both State and Civil.

Illinois Flag

Flag of Illinois


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