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State Flag Of Idaho – Idaho State Flag

Flag of Idaho State of USA

Idaho US State is located in Northwestern area of US. It has got 14th number by area and comes on 39th number by population. Motto of this State is in Latin that means “For May it endure forever”. People living in this State are called as Idahoans”.  It has got beautiful nickname “Gem State”. Capital of this State is “Boise” & also it is the largest city of this State.

Flag of Idaho State comprised of Blue color with Sate Steal in the center.  Red and Gold color band is present below the Seal on which “State of Idaho” is written in gold. The State Steal was designed by Woman named “Emma Edwards Green”. Seal represents women & mine showing liberty, justice and equality. All the symbols on this Steal are indicator of natural resources of Idaho which are farmland, wildlife, forests and mines.

Idaho State Flag

Flag of Idaho

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