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Flag Of Connecticut – State flag Of Connecticut – CT

Flag of State of Connecticut

Connecticut is US state which is sometimes considered as Tri-state area because it is grouped with New York and New Jersey. It is located in Southernmost State called as New England and it lies in US region. This state has got many nicknames like “The Constitution State”, “The Nutmeg State”, “The Provisions State”, “The Land of Steady Habits”. Motto of this state is “He who Transplanted Still sustains”.

Connecticut government adopted its flag on 9th September. 1897. Flag of Connecticut is azure blue in color. In the center white baroque Shield is present. It has three grapevines on it. Each grapevine has bunches of grapes on it which are purple in color. Below Shield white banner is present on which the State motto is written in Latin i-e Qui Transtulit Sustinet. It was designed by George Fenwick.

Connecticut Flag

Flag Of Connecticut

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