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Flag of Colorado – Colorado State Flag

Flag of State of Colorado

Colorado, nick named as “The Centennial State” of US, it’s most part lies within Southern Rocky mountains and northeastern portion of Colorado Plateau as well as western edge of Great Plains. The reason behind its name is its Colorado River. Geographically it lies on eighth number and according to population on 22nd number.

Flag of Colorado is multicolored with top and bottom blue strips and white strip in the center. All these blue and white strips are equal in width. At the center of flag golden colored disk is present. This golden disk is surrounded by red colored C. Blue color in flag shows the skies and golden disk represents sunshine of this state. White color indicates its beautiful snowcapped mountains. Red color is for earth with ruddy color. This flag was adopted by Colorado State on 31st March, 1964. This amazing flag was designed by Andrew Carlisle Johnson.

Colorado State Flag

Flag of Colorado

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