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Flag Of Arizona – Picture of Arizona State Flag – Arizona


Flag Of Arizona

Arizona is the U.S State located in its Southwestern region and part of Western US as well. Among all States it is on 15th number for being densely populated and is 6th largest State of US. Arizona is well known because it is one of the four Corner States. Arizona State has also got other names like The Copper State, The Grand Canyon.

Flag of Arizona has its own beauty and decency. It is comprised of red & weld yellow color 13 rays on the top half of flag. These 13 rays represent the original 13 states.  Reason behind yellow and red colors is Arizona’s Sunsets. In the center of flag, copper color star is present, which show Arizona’s Copper mining industry. It is both Civil and State Flag. The lower half of Flag is blue in color which represents its Colorado River.

Arizona Flag

Flag of Arizona


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