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Flag of Alaska – US States – Alaska Flag

Flag of Alaska

Alaska is one of the favorite American states of tourists. It is not densely populated but it covers the largest geographical area in US. It is located in the extreme North West.  This city is well known because of its distinct characteristics. Flag of Alaska has its own charm and looks perfect in decency. Flag of Alaska is dark blue in color with constellation of seven stars forming Big dipper and a North Star. It has total eight gold stars.

It is both Civil and state flag. Reason behind the dark blue color is because of the sky color in Alaska and its very famous flowers “Forget me not” and the constellation of stars represents the strength. North Star can help the novice to locate true north and Polaris. This Flag was selected after a contest including almost 700 entries and then it was selected. Basically it was designed by Benny Benson of Seward.

Alaska Flag

Flag of Alaska

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