Flag of Montana State of USA

Montana State Flag

Montana State of US is located in its Western region. Its other names are “Big Sky Country, The Treasure State”. Montana’s capital city is Helena and its largest city is Billings. This State comes on 4th number according to area and by population also comes on 4th number. This State has its slogans which are “Land of the Shining Mountains and The Last Best Place”.

Flag of Montana State of US comprise of blue colored back ground which contain State Steal in its center which is representing mountains and field. Above State Seal Montana is written in yellow color. State Steal contains a ribbon at its bottom on which States Motto is written that is”Oro y Plata”. Montana old flag was adopted in 1905 and it was modified in 1981. Its previous flag doesn’t contain Montana written above Seal top.

Flag of Montana State of USA

Flag of Montana State of USA

Montana Flag, 1905 – 1981

 Old Montana State flag - 1905 - 1981

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