Flag of Missouri State of USA

Missouri State Flag

Missouri State of US is present in the Midwestern area of USA. This State is also named as “The Show Me State”.  Capital city of this State is Jefferson City and the largest city of this State is Kansas City. Missouri State comes on 21st number according to area and it is 18th densely populated State among all 50 States. This State has various geographically distinct areas.

Flag of Missouri State of US comprised of three horizontal stripes; white stripe in middle, blue stripe at bottom and red stripe at top. Blue stripe is representing vigilance, justice and permanency of the State. Red and White Stripes are indicating valor and purity. At the center of this flag State Seal is present which contains blue colored band around it has 24 stars in it.  Missouri State adopted this flag on 22nd March, 1913. This Flag was designed by Marie Elizabeth Watkins Oliver.

Flag of Missouri State of USA

Flag of Missouri

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