Faisalabad Postal Code Complete List – Faisalabad Pakistan

Faisalabad Postal Code

Faisalabad formerly known as “Lyallpur” second largest city of province Punjab but in Pakistan it is the third largest city. It is of great importance because it is one of the largest industrial centers of Pakistan. Faisalabad has also number colonies which have given particular Faisalabad postal codes. These Postal code or Zip codes are allocated to all areas according to postal address. Faisalabad postal codes help in sending email correctly to the particular address. List of all Faisalabad postal code is given below,

Faisalabad Postal Code

Area NamePostal Code
Burj Mandi37730
Chak 103 Jb37720
Chak 103 Rb37660
Chak 113 Gb37570
Chak 117 Jb37600
Chak 128 Gb37220
Chak 16 Jb37740
Chak 189 Rb (Rasulpur)37690
Chak 199 Rb37620
Chak 203 Rb37610
Chak 206 Gb37040
Chak 207 Gb37050
Chak 229 Rb38220
Chak 248 Rb37420
Chak 253 Rb37400
Chak 257 Rb37410
Chak 267 Rb37360
Chak 271 Rb38230
Chak 275 J.b37530
Chak 353 Gb37224
Chak 433 Gb37180
Chak 447 Gb37130
Chak 45 Gb37340
Chak 482 Gb (Jagranwan)37060
Chak 583 Gb38240
Chak 59 Jb38210
Chak 66 Gb37230
Chak 98/gb37290
Chak Jhumra37700
Dich Kot37370
Faisalabad Amin Pur Banglow38200
Faisalabad Board Of Education38004
Faisalabad Madina Town38860
Faisalabad Millat Colony38080
Faisalabad Millat Town38070
Faisalabad Nishat Abad 38600
Faisalabad Noor Pur38700
Faisalabad Peoples Colony No.238090
Faisalabad Punjab/Pakistan Medical College38800
Faisalabad Sitara Colony38086
Ganga Pur37280
Ghulam Muhammad Abad38900
Khurrian Wala37630
Mamu Kanjan37000
Murid Wala37020
P.a.f. Risalay Wala37510
Pindi Shiekh Musa37140
Rorala Road37200
Sahuwala (Chak 132/rb)37750
Satiana Banglow37450
Tandlian Wala37150
Thjkri Wala37520

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