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Delaware State Flag – Flag of State of Delaware

Flag of State of Delaware

Delaware, also named as First State, Small wonder, Blue Hen State and Diamond State. It lies in Northeastern region of US. Delaware is densely populated State and comes on 6th number, although it comes on 2nd number for having smallest area.

Flag of Delaware is colonial blue in color with buff colored diamond in the center and in the center of diamond coat of arms of state of Delaware is present. Flag colors are according to the General George Washington’s Uniform. At center The Coat of arms was legally taken on 17th January, 1777. It shows three horizontal stripes with green, white and blue color. An ox is standing on grass (green stripe), sheaf of wheat and ear of corn are also present. Below shield motto of state is written “Liberty and Independence”. At the bottom, the date is written December 7, 1787 on this date Delaware state ratify the US constitution.

Flag of Delaware

Flag of Delaware

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