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Us State Flags

Flag of Missouri State of USA

Flag of Missouri

Missouri State Flag Missouri State of US is present in the Midwestern area of USA. This State is also named as “The Show Me State”.  Capital city of this State is Jefferson City and the largest city of this State is Kansas City. Missouri State comes on 21st number according …

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Flag of Mississippi State of US – Mississippi Flag

Flag of Mississippi

Flag of Mississippi Mississippi State of US is present in its Southern region. This State is also known as “The Hospitality State, The Magnolia State”. Mississippian’s capital city is Jackson and also it is the largest city of this State. Mississippi State comes on 31st number according to population and …

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Flag of Minnesota State of US – Minnesota Flag

Flag of Minnesota

Flag of Minnesota Minnesota is the US state that lies in Midwestern region of US. Name of this State has meaning “Clear Blue water” this is because of large number of lakes in this state. Nicknames of this State are “Land of 10,000 Lakes, The Gopher State, The State of …

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Flag of Michigan State of US

Flag of Michigan Michigan State of US is present in Great Lakes area of Midwestern US. Name of this state is in French form of Ojibwa word which means “Large lake or Large Water”. This State has got many other names like “The Great Lakes State, The Mitten State, Water …

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Flag of Massachusetts Sate of US

Flag of Massachusetts Massachusetts State of US is located in New England area of Northeastern US. It is officially named as “Common Wealth of Massachusetts”. This State has got many nick names which are “The Bay State, The old Colony State, The Puritan State, and The Baked Bean State”. Song …

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