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QMobile Noir I6i – 1.3Ghz Quad Core Processor

QMobile Noir I6i

QMobile Noir I6i Price in Pakistan = 8,000 QMobile i6i is a new smartphone released by QMobile. It is a dual SIM smartphone. It is available in all mobile markets in very low price. It has 1.3GHZ Quad core processor which can work with great speed. It has operating system Android 5.0 (Lollipop). It has …

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Rivo Jaguar J515 Price & Specification

Rivo Jaguar J515

Rivo Jaguar J515 Price in Pakistan = 2,500 Rivo Jaguar J515 comes with power bank of 3000mAh so that you will never face problem of dead battery. This is dual SIM phone giving you freedom of adding lots of contacts. You …

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Rivo Jaguar J510 Price & Specification

Rivo Jaguar J510

Rivo Jaguar J510 Price in Pakistan = 2,000 Rivo Jaguar J510 will keep your social life update by keeping you in touch to your social circle via Facebook, twitter, yahoo and WhatsApp.  Rivo Jaguar blue and grey color sleek designed …

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Rivo Jaguar J505 Price & Specification

Rivo Jaguar J505

Rivo Jaguar J505 Price in Pakistan = 2,800 This Rivo jaguar phone has now introduced with all the requirements that you need to make your time superb. Rivo Jaguar J505 will keep you connected to your social circle by giving you …

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Rivo RHYTHM RX200 Price & Specification


Rivo RHYTHM RX200 Price in Pakistan = 10,500 Here is another Rivo RHYTHM RX200 Smartphone to provide you fun for all time. Get clearer view of your stuff, videos and picture on its huge 5” display screen. Its powerful 1.3GHz …

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