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Pakistan Postal Codes

Pakistan Postal Codes – List of Postal Codes : Postal code of Pakistan is used for delivery and sortation purposes. It consists of five digits. Postal code of Pakistan is different for all the cities.

Postal Code of Islamabad Complete List – Islamabad GPO

Islamabad Postal Code

Postal Code of Islamabad Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. Islamabad is the world’s second most beautiful city. It is famous because of its eye catching natural beauty and beautiful mountains. Islamabad is expanded over large area and it has various localities. All these localities are assigned postal codes of …

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Postal Code Of Lahore Complete List – Punjab Pakistan

Postal Code Of Lahore Lahore is one of the largest cities of Pakistan and is divided into number of areas and localities. All these areas have different postal codes assigned by PTA. Postal codes of Lahore are available here. Postal code of Lahore differs for all the areas of Lahore. …

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Gujrat Postal Code List – Punjab Pakistan Gujrat

Gujrat Postal Code

Gujrat Postal Code Gujrat is a popular district of Punjab Pakistan. It is also 18 Largest city of Pakistan and capital of Gujrat district. You can check all Gujrat postal code. All Gujrat postal code is introduced by the Pakistan post office and all codes are linked with Gujrat GPO. …

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Hyderabad Postal Code – Hyderabad Zip Code List

Hyderabad Postal Code

Hyderabad Postal Code Here is the list of all Hyderabad postal code. You can use this code of shipping or mailing address. These codes introduced by the Pakistan post office. All Hyderabad postal code or area code is linked with Hyderabad GPO. Hyderabad postal code is 7100 and also check …

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Postal Code Of Sargodha – Sargodha Postal Code List

Sargodha Postal Code

Postal Code Of Sargodha Postal codes are assigned by the post offices to all the cities of Pakistan. Each city has its own postal code. These postal codes are meant for sending the letters or Emails to the people. Postal code of Sargodha is also assigned by Post office Pakistan. …

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