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Pakistan Postal Codes

Pakistan Postal Codes – List of Postal Codes : Postal code of Pakistan is used for delivery and sortation purposes. It consists of five digits. Postal code of Pakistan is different for all the cities.

Quetta Postal Code – Quetta GPO – Balochistan

Quetta Pakistan Map

Quetta Postal Code Quetta is the ninth largest city of Pakistan. It is famous for its number of fruit orchards and is named as “Fruit Garden of Pakistan.” In Quetta almost one people are residing in different localities.  Quetta is located on very large area and is divided in small …

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Gujranwala Postal Code list – Gujranwala GPO – Punjab

Gujranwala Map

Gujranwala Postal Code Gujranwala, the city of Gujars, is city of Pakistan located in province Punjab. IT is famous as an industrial city because of number of industries located here. This city of Punjab has also division in various small areas which have allotted Gujranwala postal code. GPO has designated these …

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Faisalabad Postal Code Complete List – Faisalabad Pakistan

Faisalabad Postal

Faisalabad Postal Code Faisalabad formerly known as “Lyallpur” second largest city of province Punjab but in Pakistan it is the third largest city. It is of great importance because it is one of the largest industrial centers of Pakistan. Faisalabad has also number colonies which have given particular Faisalabad postal …

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Rawalpindi Postal Code List – Rawalpindi Pakistan

Rawalpindi Postal Code

Rawalpindi Postal Code Rawalpindi is located near capital Islamabad. In Common language Rawalpindi is known as “Pindi” A lot of people are living here. It has different areas which have specified Rawalpindi postal code. Rawalpindi postal codes are provided by the GPO which is different for each area of the …

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Peshawar Postal Code list – Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Peshawar Postal Code

Peshawar Postal code Peshawar is also one of the largest cities of Pakistan and is densely populated. IT is the capital of Province KPK. Peshawar is subdivided into many areas and colonies. All these areas are assigned Peshawar postal code by the GPO. GPO has specified different Peshawar postal codes …

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