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Arkansas State Flag – State Flag Of US

Arkansas State Flag

Arkansas US state is located in its Southern Region. This State is well known because of its diverse regions which are very alluring for the tourists and provide them best recreation. Its diverse regions include mountains, forests (Arkansas timberland). It is also called as “The Natural State” or “The Land of Opportunity”. According to geography it comes on 29th number among all US States. “Little Rock City” is the capital of this natural state.

Flag of Arkansas State is Red in color with White diamond shape in center having blue border and five pointed stars in it. In the Blue border of this Diamond there are 25 white Stars. In the white diamond area “ARKANSAS” is written in blue color with one blue star above it and three blue stars is below. Willie kavanaugh Hocker is the designer of this Flag and it was adopted by Arkansas State on 16th March, 1924. It is both Civil as well as State Flag.

Arkansas Flag

Arkansas State Flag

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