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What does vitamin c do for your body

Vitamin C is one of the best nutrients for our body as it has got diverse mechanisms for protecting our body. In medical terms it is known as Ascorbic Acid and it is water soluble which means some amount is dissolved in water and remaining is excreted out of the …

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How to Reduce Risk of Stroke?

How to Reduce Risk of Stroke

Stroke is a condition in which blood supply towards brain is lost suddenly. Stroke is medical emergency because it is life threatening and leads to the death of brain cells. The damage due to stroke depends upon the part of brain which is injured like speaking, reasoning, reading or writing …

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What Causes The Common Cold ?

What Causes The Common Cold

Common cold is caused by profuse number of viruses but among various causes of common cold the major reason is “Rhinovirus”.  You must know Rhinovirus is an important virus what causes the common cold majorly in most of population. Common cold comes among contagious conditions and its viruses are cosmopolitan.  …

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Easy Home Remedies For Common Cold

Home Remedies For Common Cold

Common cold is a condition that almost every individual suffer in winters. Common cold symptoms are running nose with sore throat and constant sneezing. Keeping yourself protected from cold can help you to avoid getting sick. But if you somehow got sick by you should try home remedies for common …

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Common Foods That Cause Heart Disease

Common Foods that cause heart disease

When you talk about the food that is injurious to your health or especially heart health the only name comes to your mind is junk food like pizzas, burgers, pasta etc. Junk food or fast food is considered pernicious food because it is loaded with excess of fat, cholesterol and …

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